Resume - James Daugherty (Software / Hardware Engineer)

JIMD Group - Software Engineer - Project management

Expert Consultant engaged in consulting as the JIMD Group. Most of my projects are less than 6 months. My standard client contract includes confidential terms. I have worked for the Department of Defense, Cal Tech, Stanford, SONY, Price Club (now COSTCO) and JVC.

Develop Embedded Arm (32bit) MCU, with Bluetooth and other related technology. Develop Custom Computer systems for special technical requirement.

Development Systems: Apple IOS (Bluetooth), Arm 32 Bit Embedded Development (St Micro, NXP, Cypress (Infineon), Generic ARM chips), Xamarin

Compilers: IAR, Keil, Cypress (Infineon), Eclipse based Compilers, Xamarin

Protocols: i2c, i2s, CAN, RS422, RS485, UART, SPI, ADC, DAC, PWM

PCB Board Software: Altium 21+, KiCad 6+

Operating systems: Yocto (Linux), Windows 7-10, Embedded Linux, Free RTOS, Bare Metal (No Operating System)

Software Engineer - Delta Positive Slope - Control system for Capstone Turbine Generator (CNG, 35KW

2022 (Delta Positive Slope)
Develop a control system for Capstone 35K Generators (IOS), Modbus, turn on and off, record errors.

2017 (Delta Positive Slope)

Develop Linux based Video System used for hotel advertisement management of screens. Prototype was developed..

REMCOR - Software / Hardware Engineer -Design CANBUS / Bluetooth system for Subprime Auto Control system

Automotive design, Bluetooth controlled car access for subprime auto loan banking institution. Technologies Implemented: ARM(32bit), CAN, Bluetooth 4.1, Relays (12V), Altium (PCB board design)

Platinum Simulators - Helicopter Flight Simulator (90K) -Button Control Board

Flight Simulator Control Board Designer /Software Engineer. 64 Buttons with ADC. 56 Buttons with 4 Quadrature Encoders. RS-485 connectors with power usage of 20mA. Replaced a $3000 Xilinx Board. Interrupt driven software design with bare metal software design to maximize speed. Technologies Implemented: ARM(32bit), RS485, Quadrature Encoder


QCN Quake Catcher Network -(Cal Tech, Stanford University) - Earthquake sensor network

Development and Implementation of Earth Quake sensor QCN Quake Catcher Network. ( Installers for Windows and Apple Macintosh System (driver)

Precinct Mapping System

Designed, created and implemented a database and GIS mapping systems for political precinct operations for San Diego County. Database included over 1.4 million registered voters and created reports of over 80,000 pages.

Project Manager -SONY (Rancho Bernardo)- Compact Disk Recorder, DVD, DAT Tape, Magneto Optical Drive

Managed the introduction of the following Sony models; 7611 (4X SCSI CD-ROM), 540 (2.6GB MO), 920(2X CD-R), 9211((External Version of 920), 940 (2XW-4XR CDR), 9411 (External Version of 940). Included FCC/CE testing, shock & vibration testing, bundled software verification and testing, interfacing with Corel (CD Creator), negotiating software revisions, scheduling software introductions. Production related duties included overseeing production line testing, specifications and procedures.

  • Edited User and Service manuals for the above models, wrote addendums to correct errorsin previous manuals. Supervised a project team of three engineering positions, one manual translator, one drafter and one test technician. These manuals were then translated in French, German and Spanish.
  • Project Evaluation Team for Player Recorder Project, (PowerPC 40X Model) I evaluated and developed the software requirements for the use of the (PowerPC 40X/Cold Fire) for compilers, IDE, RTOS, debuggers, and simulators.
  • Wrote custom diagnostic installation program for 4X CD ROM (760E) (200K units Sold).
  • Maintained CD-ROM Drivers for CD-ROM and CD-R models.
  • Designed and implemented a Software Lab that tested software and drivers for performance and compatibility for the following operating systems; Macintosh 68000, Macintosh PPC, DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT (v3.51, 4.0). The procedure that I started is now used buy other departments to test bundled software.
First Color Video Adapter for Notebook Computer - Software Engineer- Phoenix Graphics

Phoenix Graphics is an OEM that supplies high-resolution color adapters for the DOS notebook market. I developed a software utility for Windows 3.1 that automatically configures the system.ini for the proper installation of the Phoenix Graphics Video Processor. I customized the source code of the Video BIOS to properly connect the VideoPak-1024 with Toshiba notebooks. I prepared the custom installation drivers, instruction manuals and others testing utilities. I developed hardware and software compatibility testing parameters and procedures.

JVC(Japan) / ATIS Assman (Germany) / HLA3 (USA) Software Engineer

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Price Club/COSTCO ID Printer - Head of Software Development

ACIS developed an Imaging capture and printing system for the Price Club warehouse stores. I designed and programmed the interface for a serial controlled strobe light that is used to take ID Card pictures. This allowed my software to control the timing between each field of a video frame (1/60th of a second). I integrated an AS/400 computer with an ID card system for the Price Club warehouse stores. You can see the product working now at the Price Clubs all across the United States. (Borland C/C++, MASM 5.1)


San Diego State University, San Diego, CA BS: Accounting 1988

SONY, Management Development Training-Industrial Design

SONY, Management Development Training-Project Planning

  • Programming Languages: Assembly, C/C++, PHP, HTML, Python, JavaScript, MATLAB, scripting languages
  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Couchbase
  • Operating Systems: Yocto (Linux), Windows 7-10, Embedded Linux, Free RTOS, Bare Metal (No Operating System)
  • Development Systems: Apple IOS (Bluetooth), Arm 32 Bit Embedded Development (St Micro, NXP, Cypress (Infineon), Generic ARM chips)
  • Compilers: IAR, Keil, Cypress (Infineon), Eclipse-based Compilers
  • Protocols: i2c, i2s, CAN, RS422, RS485, UART, SPI, ADC, DAC
  • PCB Software: Altium 21+, KiCad 6+
  • Equipment: logic analyzer, MSOs, in-circuit emulation, oscilloscope, embedded system equipmentCompanies: SONY, JVC, Cal Tech, Stanford, US Military, Costco/Price Club, Johns Hopkins.

    PCB Layout / Design: Altium, Kicad, Eagle, Schematic

    Embedded Development Software

    Keil ARM, IAR EWARM, Eclipse Based Systems

    Misc Development Platforms

    Apple IOS Development, SWIFT-

    Windows Xamarin IOS/ Android Windows

    Visual C#, Python

    Equipment Experience

    Logic Analyzer, Oscilloscope, MSO, Power Supplies, Load Testers, Hot Air Soldering, Pace Soldering Station


    DMA, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, I2C. I2S, PWM, DAC, ADC, GPIO, Interrupt Driven, State Machine, PID, Quadrature Encoder, Kalman Filter, CAN, Modbus

    Scientific Engineer Solutions Using
    Matlab / Simulink


    ST Micro / Dialog / Renesas / Cypress/ Infineon / NXP / Microchip

Contact Info.

James Daugherty

10601 Tierrasanta Blvd #G312

San Diego, CA  92124